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All Forms

Criminal Justice Act

  • Advice to CJA Counsel Letter (Death Penalty/Capital Habeas) (PDF )
  • Advice to CJA Counsel Letter (Non-Capital Appeal) (PDF )
  • Case Budget Form for Death Penalty/Capital Habeas Appeals (PDF )
  • Case Budget Form for Non Capital Appeals (PDF )
  • CJA 27 Non-Capital Appeal: Excess Compensation Fillable Form (PDF )
  • CJA Standing Committee Contacts (PDF )
  • eVoucher and WINDOWS 10 Edge Compatability (PDF )
  • eVoucher Manual for CJA Counsel (PDF )
  • Hourly Rates and Statutory Maximums ( | Word)
  • Instructions and Checklist for Voucher Submission (PDF )
  • Quick Reference: Managing Your Profile and Billing Information (PDF )
  • Tenth Circuit Appellate CJA Attorney Panel: Fillable Application (PDF )
  • Tenth Circuit CJA Plan (PDF )

Clerk's Office

  • Certificate of Compliance (PDF | Word)
  • Certificate of Digital Submission (PDF | Word)
  • Certificate of Service - Counsel (PDF | Word)
  • Certificate of Service - Pro Se (PDF | Word)
  • Criminal Pattern Jury Instructions (PDF )
  • Custody Status Questionnaire (PDF )
  • Designation of Record-Counsel - Criminal Appeals (PDF | Word)
  • Docketing Statement (PDF | Word)
  • Docketing Statement Instructions (PDF | Word)
  • Entry of Appearance (PDF | Word)
  • Entry of Appearance - Pro Se (PDF | Word)
  • IFP Motion - Non-PLRA civil case (PDF | Word)
  • IFP Motion - PLRA Language (PDF | Word)
  • Initial Appeals Packet-Counseled Cases (PDF )

    Initial Appeal Documents and Instructions

    This file includes the following forms:

    • Docketing Statement
    • Docketing Statement Instructions
    • Entry of Appearance
    • Transcript Order Form
    • FAQ
  • New Appeal Letter/Information for Counsel (PDF )
  • New Appeal Letter/Information for Pro Se Appellants (PDF )
  • Oral Argument FAQ (PDF )
  • Original Proceedings (PDF )

    You may now submit petitions for writ of mandamus, petitions for review and Fed. R. App. P 5 petitions electronically using the utilities menu in CM/ECF. Please see the instructions below regarding these options.

  • Practitioner's Guide (PDF )

    The 10th Circuit Practitioner's Guide is a tool designed to help practitioners understand court rules and procedures, and also includes information about the structure of the court, the judges of the 10th Circuit and other guidance regarding filing appeals and original proceedings. The Practitioner's Guide is available from the link below.

  • Pro Se Appellant Brief (PDF | Word)
  • Pro Se Combined Brief and App. for Certificate of Appealability (PDF | Word)
  • Pro Se Consent to Electronic Service (PDF | Word)
  • Pro Se Frequently Asked Questions (PDF )
  • Successive 2244 Form (for section 2254 habeas cases) (PDF | Word)
  • Successive 2255 Form (PDF | Word)
  • Transcript Access Policy (PDF )

    Access to volumes of a district court-provided ROA containing transcripts that remain subject to the 90-day restrictions will be granted only to parties that provide documentation that clearly establishes that the requesting party has purchased the transcript from the court reporter.

  • Transcript Order Form (PDF | Word)

Circuit Mediation Office

  • Circuit Mediation Contact Form (PDF )
  • FRAP Rule 33 and 10th Circuit Rule 33.1 (PDF )
  • Sample Order of Dismissal (PDF )
  • Sample Stipulation to Dismiss (PDF )

Circuit Executive

  • Rules for Judicial Conduct and Judicial-Disability Proceedings (PDF )