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Motions, Arguments & Decision

Filing Your Appeal - Pro Se - Motions, Arguments & Decision


The types of motions that may be properly filed in an appeals court are significantly fewer in number than are allowed in a district court.  So, for example, there are no provisions in the appellate rules for obtaining discovery or submitting new evidence.

Oral Argument

The court sometimes elects to conduct an oral argument in an appeal.  In an appellate argument, the parties are permitted to appear and argue their cases, usually for 15 minutes per side.  Whether argument is conducted is a matter of court discretion.   Oral arguments are rarely conducted in cases with pro se litigants.   

Court Decision

After the opening brief and any response or reply briefs have been filed, a panel of judges will be assigned to decide whether reversible district court error occurred.  The court’s decision will be in writing and will be transmitted to the parties.  There is no requirement that the court issue its decision within any particular time frame.