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49 documents found in the last 30 days:
Case-NoParty NamesDate ArguedLocationActions
18-1195Mid Atlantic Capital v. BienJan-24-2019Courtroom I
18-5029United States v. WoffordJan-24-2019Courtroom IV
18-1039United States v. DuzyurtJan-24-2019Courtroom II
18-1154United States v. NixonJan-24-2019Courtroom II
18-1173Baca v. Colorado Department of StateJan-24-2019Courtroom I
18-1047Hobdy v. RaemischJan-24-2019Courtroom I
16-6295Coddington v. CarpenterJan-24-2019Courtroom IV
18-1290Jordan v. Maxim Healthcare ServicesJan-24-2019Courtroom I
18-1029Crew Tile Distribution v. PorcelanosaJan-24-2019Courtroom I
18-8017United States v. GonzalesJan-24-2019Courtroom III
18-2083United States v. LealJan-24-2019Courtroom III
18-2026United States v. TorresJan-24-2019Courtroom III
18-2072United States v. Joe, Jr.Jan-24-2019Courtroom III
18-8014United States v. CarterJan-24-2019Courtroom II
18-8015United States v. EichlerJan-24-2019Courtroom II
18-1121United States v. AragonJan-23-2019Courtroom III
18-3045United States v. FinnesyJan-23-2019Courtroom III
18-3117Blue Valley Hospital v. AzarJan-23-2019Courtroom IV
18-8031United States v. KnappJan-23-2019Courtroom III
18-7020Lynch v. Board of County CommissionersJan-23-2019Courtroom I


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