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Welcome to the new website for the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.  The internet and how we use it have changed quite a bit since the last time we refreshed our website so we have redesigned this site from the ground up, thinking about how we can improve electronic access to our court resources for attorneys, parties and the general public.  

Available Anywhere, Anytime

Our new webpage has been designed to be usable from your desktop computer, your tablet or your mobile smartphone.  Get access to court resources and information anytime you need it.  

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The New Home Page

Below is a brief visual guide to our new homepage.  The black navigation bar at the top of all pages on the site gives you access to all the websites that are part of the Tenth Circuit, some major national sites and the ability to search the site you are on.  The menu links below the seal are navigation specific to the site you are viewing at that moment.

Overview of Home Page

Case Management Improvements

We've improved our case management resources.  Access to E-File (CM/ECF) and Court Docket (PACER) information is better organized and easier to find.  (**Please note you cannot E-File from a mobile phone at this time.)

E-File and PACER Screenshots

Filing Guides

If you are coming to our court without legal representation (filing "pro se") or if you are an attorney who has not filed a case with us in a while the court has developed two filing guides to assist you.  For new or infrequent attorney filers the court has developed the guide "Filing Your Appeal for New or Infrequent Filers."  If you are filing on your own without representation ("pro se") we have a guide just for you as well, "Filing Your Appeal Without an Attorney."

What About My Saved Bookmarks

During our redesign we have taken the time to re-think some of the organization of the site to better meet your needs.  Because of this you may find that some of your saved bookmarks no longer work.  The good news is that most bookmarks will still work and any links you have made to our library of opinions and orders have not changed at all.

Tell Us What You Think

We value your opinion.  Let us know if the changes to the site are helpful or not and let us know how we can improve.  Email the webmaster your comments from the button below and thanks in advance for your feedback.

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