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49 documents found in the last 30 days:
Case-NoParty NamesDate ArguedLocationActions
17-3270United States v. GainesJan-23-2019Courtroom II
18-1279Hodges v. Life Insurance Co.Jan-23-2019Courtroom I
18-3091Harte v. Board Comm'rs Cnty of JohnsonJan-23-2019Courtroom IV
18-6105Genzer v. James River Insurance CompanyJan-23-2019Courtroom I
18-2129United States v. JonesJan-23-2019Courtroom II
17-5125United States v. CopelandJan-23-2019Courtroom I
18-1055United States v. Rubio-SepulvedaJan-23-2019Courtroom III
18-4039United States v. GuruleJan-23-2019Courtroom II
17-3230Singh v. CordleJan-23-2019Courtroom IV
18-3054Foxfield Villa Associates v. RobbenJan-23-2019Courtroom IV
18-7022United States v. GriffinJan-23-2019Courtroom II
18-4061Cowley v. West Valley CityJan-22-2019Courtroom III
18-4065Friends of Tuhaye v. Tuhaye Homeowners AssociationJan-22-2019Courtroom III
18-1056Colbruno v. KesslerJan-22-2019Courtroom II
18-1067Bill Barrett Corporation v. YMC Royalty CompanyJan-22-2019Courtroom II
17-4195D. v. Anthem Blue Cross Blue ShieldJan-22-2019Courtroom IV
18-9005Feinberg v. CIRJan-22-2019Courtroom IV
18-1163Antero Resources Corp. v. South Jersey Resources GroupJan-22-2019Courtroom II
17-2217Collins v. DanielsJan-22-2019Courtroom I
17-4083United States v. JohnsonJan-22-2019Courtroom II


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