FYI! Effective Tuesday, March 17, 2020 and until further notice, the Byron White United States Courthouse is closed to the general public, and the requirement for parties to submit paper copies of briefs, appendices, and petitions for rehearing en banc is temporarily suspended. Please see the related article under News & Announcements for more information.




Recent Oral Arguments

52 documents found in the last 30 days:
Case-NoParty NamesDate ArguedLocationActions
19-3049United States v. OckertMar-12-2020Courtroom IV
19-3003United States v. PurvisMar-12-2020Courtroom IV
19-3113United States v. Delgado-LopezMar-12-2020Courtroom IV
19-8021United States v. DominguezMar-12-2020Courtroom IV
18-2010United States v. ManzanaresMar-12-2020Courtroom II
19-8036United States v. CoombsMar-12-2020Courtroom IV
19-2046United States v. MartinezMar-12-2020Courtroom II
19-3105United States v. McKinneyMar-12-2020Courtroom IV
19-8034United States v. KochMar-12-2020Courtroom I
19-1221United States v. RamonMar-12-2020Courtroom III
19-1191United States v. JacksonMar-12-2020Courtroom II
19-6116United States v. BrookMar-12-2020Courtroom I
19-1197United States v. SerrMar-12-2020Courtroom III
19-6043United States v. CantuMar-12-2020Courtroom I
19-2029United States v. Channon (Matthew)Mar-12-2020Courtroom II
19-1293Doe v. School District Number 1Mar-11-2020Courtroom IV
19-3088Couser v. GayMar-11-2020Courtroom I
19-4089United States v. RaPower-3Mar-11-2020Courtroom I
19-2106Wild Watershed v. HurlockerMar-11-2020Courtroom IV
18-9570Gonzalez Aguilar v. BarrMar-11-2020Courtroom III


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