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Attorney Admissions and Certificates of Good Standing

Attorney Admissions

All counsel who enter an appearance or who intend to represent any party in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals must be admitted to the bar of the court. Admission requirements are set forth in the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure (Fed. R. App. P. 46) and the Tenth Circuit Local Rules (10th Cir. R. 46.2). Absent removal or suspension attorneys are admitted permanently. At this time the court does not charge a renewal fee. To check an admission date or the status of an attorney, please contact the court at 303-844-3157.

Attorney Admission Applications

Applications for admission should be submitted through the court's e-filing system using the applicant's NextGen Pacer filing account. Attorneys who do not have an e-filing account may sign up for one here; Attorneys do not need to be bar members to sign up for an e-filing account. If an attorney already has a NextGen account, but does not have e-filing privileges with the 10th circuit, he/she will need to add the 10th circuit to the account by accessing the maintenance tab after logging in here.

To access the admission application and a quick guide on e-filing it, click the appropriate link below. Please read the instructions carefully before completing the application form.

Certificates of Good Standing

Requests for Certificates of Good Standing should be submitted through the court's e-filing system. A quick guide with instructions can be accessed by clicking the appropriate link below. Requests should include the name of the attorney, the approximate date of admission, and the mailing address of the recipient.

Available Downloads and Links

Application for Admission - Quick Guide

Obtain Certificate of Good Standing - Quick Guide

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