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Submitting CJA Vouchers for Services and Expenses

Effective July 20, 2015, all Tenth Circuit appellate CJA vouchers must be submitted electronically via eVoucher. For detailed information about claims for hourly compensation and expense reimbursement, CJA attorneys should review the Advice to Counsel and other documents below.

Note: If single-category services (expert counsel, paralegals, law clerks, interpreters, etc.) totaling more than $800.00 are necessary for adequate representation, counsel must obtain prior court approval to incur such costs by filing a sealed, ex parte motion that includes a detailed justification, the provider's qualifications, and the rate to be charged. The Court's order approving services must be submitted with the CJA 20 or 30 voucher.

Hourly Rates and Statutory Maximums

Instructions and Checklist for Voucher Submission

Advice to CJA Counsel Letter (Non-Capital Appeal)

Advice to CJA Counsel Letter (Death Penalty/Capital Habeas)

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