Appearing and Filing

Filing Your Appeal - Appearing and Filing

Any attorney who files an entry of appearance in this court must either already be or must promptly become a member of our bar.  The application forms are available on this website

If you intend to file anything with this court, you will also need to be registered to file electronically though our electronic case filing (“ECF”) system.  Registration is also available through this website.  Our ECF registration is separate from your registration with the district court.  To use the ECF system, you must have software capable of creating documents in native (text-searchable) portable data format. 

With the exception of briefs (which must be filed both electronically and in hard copy), appendices (filed electronically with a single hard copy provided to the court), and petitions for rehearing en banc (electronic and hard copy), we are a paperless court.  Unless a litigant is pro se, all filing is done though our ECF system.  Except as noted above, ECF filings need not be followed up with hardcopies. 

Original proceedings, such as mandamus petitions, Fed. R. App. P. 5 petitions, and petitions for agency review, can be filed using the court's ECF system. The filing fee for the mandamus and review petitions can be paid online with the filing using a credit card.