Frequently Asked Questions on Registration (National Guidance)

1. How do I register to be a filer?

A CM/ECF password and login are required to file documents in CM/ECF. All CM/ECF registration is handled by the PACER Service Center. In order to register, follow our Step-By-Step Guide. The PACER Service Center can be reached at 800-676-6856 (toll free).

2. Do I have to register if I have a PACER account and a CM/ECF account in another court?

Yes. Your CM/ECF account is an authorization to file in a specific court. Please see the Step-By-Step Guide for additional information.

3. How much does it cost to register through PACER?

There is no charge to register on the PACER Service Center website. When you use your general PACER account to view records and access documents, however, you are subject to an $0.08 per page PACER charge. There is no cost associated with filing documents electronically.

4. Must I register before I can file on CM/ECF?

Yes. We encourage counsel to register and familiarize themselves with the process well in advance of needing to file. The court must approve the registration before you can file and the process may take a day or so (please see question number 5 below).

5. How long does it take to register for an ECF account?

The actual registration on PACER only takes about 5 minutes. Once you are registered, however, the PACER Service Center will send your information to the 10th Circuit in the form of a registration request. Under normal circumstances, the clerk’s office will process that request within a few hours. When your registration is complete, the clerk’s office will send you an email confirmation.

6. What equipment and software do I need to file in CM/ECF?

Please see our Systems Requirements for information regarding technical requirements.

7. Are there any special training or bar membership requirements in order to register and file in CM/ECF?

No. You do not need to be a member of the 10th Circuit bar in order to register to file in ECF on PACER. If you do plan to file pleadings and are not a member of the bar, however, you should contact the office of the clerk to complete that process. There are no training requirements, but we strongly encourage counsel to review all of the training materials found on the court’s website at ECF filing will be difficult if you do not complete this training.

8. What training will be available on line?

The court has created a series of on line training modules to help counsel understand ECF filing. Those modules can be accessed on the court’s website. If you have questions regarding registration, please note you may contact the PACER service center toll free at 800-676-6856. In addition, please note the PACER service center maintains an extensive list of FAQs. Those FAQs can be accessed on the PACER web site.

9. Will the court continue to require esubmissions and will the court’s August 10, 2007 Order regarding the submission of electronic documents still be valid?

Please see the court's General Order dated March 18, 2009, for additional information regarding filing requirements. From March 31, 2009 until June 1, 2009 ECF will be voluntary. During the voluntary period counsel may file in ECF or they may use the court's esubmission address. If the esubmission address is used the requirements set forth in our earlier General Order (dated August 10, 2007) will still apply. Effective June 1, 2009 parties will no longer be able to file using the esubmission address.

10. How secure is CM/ECF?

CM/ECF has many security features and has passed a security evaluation with the National Security Agency. Users should, however, take precautions to protect their passwords. Once you are registered for an ECF account you should contact the PACER service center immediately if you learn your password has been compromised.

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