CJA 30/31, Capital Requests for Payment

Death penalty/capital habeas attorney requests for payment (CJA 30 Vouchers) must be submitted by email with all required attachments to CJA_Vouchers@ca10.uscourts.gov. Do NOT e-file your CJA payment requests via CM/ECF/PACER.

Instructions, current rates, the court’s calculating CJA billing workbook and much more CJA information is available on this website at: All CJA Forms and Links. We strongly suggest using the court’s pre-submission checklist to avoid rejection of your CJA voucher.

To create an email to submit your death penalty/ capital habeas CJA 30 attorney voucher to the court, click the button below:

Create Email to Submit Capital Case Attorney Voucher

Each CJA attorney appearing in a Tenth Circuit appeal must have a current CJA 5 Attorney Data Form on file with the court. This form tells the Court whether the tax consequences of your CJA payment should be assigned under your Social Security Number or the TIN/EIN of your firm. You MUST complete the SSN field on the CJA 5 irrespective of the tax consequences assignment, because your SSN is your vendor number in the CJA payment system and is thus used to generate payment to you.

In addition, the address you provide on the CJA 5 is the address to which the paper check out of Washington, D.C. will be mailed after payment is approved. Thus, it is counsel’s responsibility to send in an updated CJA 5 form if either the tax consequence assignment of payment, or your mailing address, change.

A fillable proposed CJA budget form for use in death penalty/capital habeas CJA appeals is available here and a final fee justification fillable form here.

Death Penalty/Capital Habeas other necessary services requests for payment (fillable CJA 31 Voucher, Instructions) must be submitted in hard copy (by mail to: Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, ATTN: CJA, 1823 Stout Street, Denver, CO 80257) with an itemized invoice and a copy of any court order authorizing the services.

Available Downloads and Links

CJA 30 Death Penalty/Capital Habeas Appeal: MSExcel CJA Voucher Billing Workbook

CJA 30 Death Penalty/Capital Habeas Appeal: Proposed CJA Budget Form

CJA 30 Death Penalty/Capital Habeas Appeal: Tenth Circuit Advice to CJA Counsel Letter

CJA 31 Death Penalty/Capital Habeas Appeal: Instructions for Other Necessary Services Fillable Form

CJA 31 Death Penalty/Capital Habeas Appeal: Other Necessary Services Fillable Form

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